Valentines Day Flowers in Singapore

Valentines day hampers in singaporeValentine’s Day is nearly a few days away and flowers are to be brought. We know that this is one of the most important days for you because the day is loaded with emotions, love, expressions etc., making it the most memorable day for the rest of your life. We at the Florist in Singapore have already started to customize the best flowers for you to impress your special someone.

Check out the below few Valentine’s Day Flowers in Singapore that we have already designed for you. Don’t forget that you can also customize your bouquets and hampers with add-ons to make the day more memorable.

Valentines Day Flowers in Singapore

Christmas Hampers in Singapore

We know that there are several lovely feelings involved in the celebrations of Christmas & New Year with your family and friends. Hence, to make it more customized and more remembered than ever, Florist in Singapore brings to you exciting New Year and Christmas Hampers in Singapore with impressive offers. Our carts are already getting updated with Never seen before designs, hampers, and special collections exclusively for this festive season.

Make it personalised with a Message: Despite the fact that we are in an era of electronic messaging, the importance of personal message will never go down because it is associated with emotions and relationships. At Florist in Singapore, we all flower and hamper arrangements are crafted keeping in mind the particular occasions as the flowers in it convey message! To make your messages more expressive you should check this exciting “Message in a bottle” along with the flowers and hampers.

christmas hampers in singapore

Whether you are shopping for fresh and unique Christmas hampers, or a traditionally modified personal gift, you will find it here at Florist in Singapore. All you have to do is just browse the cart and find yourself a very unique Christmas hampers in Singapore. If you have any Christmas Gift Ideas, please don’t hesitate to call us during business hours. Our expert team of Florists in Singapore are always available to assist you, value your ideas and custom gifts only for you!

Gladiolus Flowers in Singapore

Greetings from the Florist in Singapore! The history of Gladiolus flowers span from Africa to the Mediterranean. Derived from a Latin word “GLADIUS” meaning sword, Gladiolus flowers have also been referred to as sword or corn lilies. Gladiolus symbolizes strength, integrity, faithfulness, and also infatuation with a bouquet conveying to a recipient that they pierce the giver’s heart with passion.flower delivery in singapore

Little History: Translated literally a gladiolus is a little sword in Latin and Greek as well. In Greek, the name of this flowers has come from the Word XIPHIOS, thus are also called as Xiphium. The genus of these beautiful flowers occurs in Asia, Mediterranean Europe, South Africa, and tropical Africa. Buy Gladiolus flowers in Singapore designed at the florist in Singapore Studio.

Other meanings: These flowers are also sometimes offered to wish a good health because the British and Mediterranean gladiolus plants were often used for medicinal purposes. The plant’s corms (stem base) were used as a bandage and to extract thorns or splinters. The corms were also powdered and mixed with goat’s milk to soothe symptoms of colic. However, these flowers are not to be eaten under any circumstances. Today we primarily use the gladiolus as a decorative flower in gardens or as flower bouquets in Singapore due to its beautiful appearance and impressive meanings.

When you offer this beautiful flowers to someone you love, you need not include a card or note expressing your feelings because the plant itself carries and imparts symbolic meaning to the recipient. The gladiolus, hence its name, is also meant to pierce the heart of the recipient, conveying infatuation. We at Florist in Singapore offer a wide range of collections and designs of Gladiolus Flowers available in various colors – white, red, yellow etc., Do not ignore the combination of Gladiolus flowers with lilies and orchids which are exclusively crafted only at the Florist in Singapore.

Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore

Chinese New Year Hampers in SingaporeAfter serving the customers in Singapore and across the globe who sent New Year Flowers, Gifts and Hampers to Singapore, we at the studio of Florist in Singapore are now busy arranging the upcoming events of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day.

Today, we proudly present to you the Chinese New Year gift hampers, Chinese New Year Plants and Chinese New year flowers specially being crafted at the Florist in Singapore studio.

Check these exciting yet unique designs to offer to your friends and family for this Chinese New Year in Singapore. Even if you are living outside Singapore but want to send hampers to Singapore, rely on us, we make it on time delivery with the special message that you want to convey to your friends and family.

While we are making more quick videos on the various Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore, here is a quick one that you may wish to watch about the Chinese New Year Plants! Stay tuned to get more updates on this space. We wish you all a very happy Chinese New Year in Advance.

Wedding Gifts & Bouquets in Singapore

Here is another proud presentation by Florist in Singapore ! Wedding Hampers in Singapore!

So far, you have seen many wedding flowers in Singapore, wedding Bouquets in Singapore. May be you have ordered one for your friends or family during their wedding or anniversary. If you are searching for one now, here is the best collection of wedding gifts in Singapore that makes your gift stand out from others!

Not just a bouquet to offer. At Florist in Singapore, we offer many products and services (limited to events) like Bridal Bouquets, Wedding Flower Crowns, Wedding Car decorations, Wedding Gifts and couple gifts, Wedding Events etc., You may what to check all the Wedding related products and services — click here.

Check out this exclusive short video for Wedding Hampers and Gift ideas!

5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore

In Singapore, Christmas is an outdoor and special event where lots of people spend their time with family and friends. When you invite someone or when you are invited for a lunch or dinner on the Christmas Day, a gift to your loved ones makes the event memorable throughout life and multiplies the happiness around. To give a gift that suits this occasion in Singapore, we’ve provided many Christmas Hampers in Singapore or Christmas Gifts in Singapore that you may check in the cart. To help you make some best gifts, here is what you may consider.

Christmas Wine Hampers in SingaporeChristmas Wine Hampers: Yes, we are Florist in Singapore, serving since more than a decade. That’s exactly why we know what your loved ones will like to have on this day! It’s the Wine. Chose from our pre-designed Wine Hampers in Singapore and check if that’s enough?


christmas hampers in singaporeLive Plants: Christmas is a day of life as believed by many people around the world. So, how would it be if you send this live plant to your loved ones or get a live plant for you at home? The Christmas comes every year, and this live plant keeps the mood of Christmas every time you see them. Fresh, pleasant, meaningful and impressive live plants in Singapore – an exclusive Christmas Hampers in Singapore

christmas tea hampersChristmas Tea Hampers: If you are already aware that your recipient loves a good cup of tea or coffee, it’s a good choice to send them a choice of tea flavors which will make them recollect the celebration of Christmas for a long time! Teas come in such a huge variety and we at Florist in Singapore made it simple for you by picking the best in industry tea flavors and made readily available to order! Also, consider adding a personalized or handmade set of mugs, tea cups or teapot for a truly unique gift idea. Do not remember to search for other tea products apart from exclusive Christmas hampers in Singapore page just to make sure you do not miss anything that may make your event more special.

Christmas Toys in SingaporeChristmas Plush Toys, Roses & Wine: A Combination of Christmas Plush Toys, flowers and Wine makes it another perfect choice for the Christmas and also gives not only personal but a Christmas touch as it is bagged with Plush Toys. This gift makes it simple and if we are not wrong, everyone loves it!


chocolate hampers in singaporeChocolates, Cookies & Drink: So what is your choice for non-alcoholic hamper if you are planning one? Not yet decided? Don’t worry, we already thought about it and here is what we offer! Florist in Singapore offers this unique crafted Christmas Hampers in Singapore which is bagged with Tasty chocolates, Cookies, Candies, Crackers, Fruit Juices, and Christmas Plush toy! Isn’t it perfectly designed?


For more Exciting Christmas Hampers in Singapore click here:

Christmas Flowers in Singapore , Chirstmas Hampers in Singapore, Christmas Wine Hampers in Singapore

Live Plants in Singapore

The flowers are a great way of sending your love and concern to your special someone. While the flowers are mostly the first choice of almost every one, for those who love nature the most love to make their home and surroundings with a natures ambiance! For such people, Florist in Singapore presents the LIVE PLANTS in Singapore.

Live Plants are a great way of enjoying the nature and when a live plant is sent to someone, it means a lot! Sending love plants generally means you want them to be as they are natural and healthy! It also means get well soon or “you are my life” like the life in plant.

Want to send such meaningful surprise to your special someone or want to buy it for yourself? Buy Live Plants in Singapore now only at Florist in Singapore. Check this live plants in a Glass Vase!

florist in singapore

Mothers Day Flowers in Singapore

‘Mother’ is a feeling that every one of us have enjoyed in life and still does. We celebrate Mothers Day, but mothers celebrate us! Every day of you is a celebration for your mother just because she love you! Whatever the kids do, the mother loves it! You gift her or not, she is going to love you forever. However, if you decide to surprise her and make the upcoming Mothers day a best day in her life, here is what we have for you! Collection of fresh flowers, carefully chosen from the garden, crafted with extra love and affection. We at Florist in Singapore are ready to take your orders of making special hampers with a personal touch. Customized & delivered on the same day!

To give your mother more reasons to love, choose your combination of flowers that are readily available on the special ‘Mothers day Flowers in Singapore’ page. All the hampers have a message and meaning. Here are a list of colors that you may choose in the flower bouquets.

flowers represent nature and a sense of renewal of health of energy. As a base color, they make a good addition to any floral arrangement but on their own look too dull and boring.

is a good choice for Mother’s Day. It’s a very feminine, subtle and homely color. Pink conveys joy, innocence, youthfulness and grace.

represents joy and happiness. The color yellow can often signal danger in the animal kingdom or ‘food here’ to the insects. It is a very exotic color.

like white represents femininity and elegance. This is partially because Lavender was the choice of flower that the wealthy used to scent themselves prior to the advent of modern-day plumbing and regular showers. Almost every woman loves this fragrance!

is considered a soothing color with its calming floral tones. Like the color white, blue flowers also represent purity. Don’t place blue and red colored flowers together unless they are both deep and striking shades.

flowers are associated with royalty and the wealthy. In days gone by, purple flowers were always reserved by florists strictly for their wealthier customers. The giving of purple flowers conveys the feelings of importance and wealth. Your mother, of course is the most wealthiest asses you’ve ever got in life.

flowers are heavily associated with passion and love. Although red flowers, usually in the form of roses, are commonly exchanged between intimate partners, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t appropriate for a Mom. Just look beyond their association and see red roses for what they really are, beautiful flowers.
Whatever color of flower you choose to give your Mom on Mother’s Day, what your mother cares is your love, she will appreciate them. Just spare some thought to the color and type of flower and watch the smile on her face as she receives them….

Mothers Day Flowers

Happy Mother’s day in advance.


Send Mothers Day Flowers to Singapore


Send Mothers Day Flowers in Singapore