Moon Cake Delivery in Singapore

This coming Sunday finally marks the long awaited Mid-Autumn Festival – the 27th September 2015!  Perhaps you have already been enjoying yourself with the best Moon cakes in Singapore over the last few weeks. Due to the increasing popularity of Moon cakes, the festival is often simply referred to as Moon cake Festival instead of the actual name “Mid Autumn” Festival. Such is the popularity of the Moon Cakes in Singapore. This is exactly the reason due to which we at the Florist in Singapore makes the best Moon Cake Hampers in Singapore and delivers a variety of Moon Cakes in Singapore during the season of Mid Autumn Festival.

Moon cake festival in singapore

Today, most people love Moon cakes and their different versions in celebrating the delicious treats. Florist in Singapore thus brings to you various brands in the moon cakes along with fresh fruits, juices, tea etc., to make the moon cake hampers a best party pack! You may send the moon cakes to your loved ones in Singapore or order one for you to celebrate at home. A perfect blend of excitement is topped to every moon cake delivery in Singapore. What else do you wait for? Order your moon cakes online today and grab them before they go out of stock.