White Roses by Florist in Singapore

Florist in Singapore offers a huge and unique variety of white roses in Singapore. Before we know what kind of collections we have in the White Roses, let’s observe the significance of the color first so as to make choice for the occasion.

We all know that different colors of roses have long been associated with certain meanings. While the Red and Yellow Roses are quite often used by many people across the world, other color roses have their unique characteristics and symbolism as well.

White is a color of peace, purity and cleanliness. Many people often says that the birth or death both see a bright white, and even during the life time, enlightenment is referred to as reaching the bright white by heart and soul. Such is the importance color White has in our daily lives, and may be that is the reason white is a favorite color for the majority of people across globe according to a study.

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As the color also symbolize, White Roses means Purity, Innocence, Sympathy, Spirituality, a new beginning etc., you can offer white color roses to any of the occasions that means the above. Especially for wedding which means a new beginning!

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