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Watch the photo film of Florist in Singapore – a tribute to every mother on the Mothers Day!

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a MOTHER. Every time a child is born, so is a mother. An eternal bond is formed before the child sees outside world. An eternal bond carried by mother for 9 months within her, the bond given to the family by her… As we go, our mother is there with us, every moment – to make us sleep, to cheer up when you cry in the mid night and wait till you sleep giving her a lovely smile. She even loves you disturbing her sleep.

She is our first teacher, first guide who taught us how to walk, to talk, and be careful while playing. She was always waiting for you to call her… she was always waiting to see your childish naughtiness. She was with you when you failed; she encouraged you and never let you down. She was with you even if everyone left you… she was with you in good times, and she took your pain during the bad times. Simply, she is the only person who doesn’t care what you achieved, what you lost, what you earned, what you made. What she cares is only you calling her with love… and saying “Love you MOM”

It’s the time that gives you an opportunity to express your love… the mother’s day! We at Florist in Singapore  salute to every mother on this occasion.

Send love, send lovable gift and flowers to your mom and say her how much you love her… here are a few impressive collections we’ve made for you! The mother’s day gifts in Singapore. You may also customize your gifts with add-ons if you have any special Mothers day gift ideas!


Live Orchids online in Singapore

Phalaenopsis Orchids, also known as the Moth Orchid belongs to the Orchids Family. This beautiful flower are a native of South Asia, now very popular across the globe. The beautiful shape, impressive colors, a great and pleasant fragrance make them more special to have Live Phalaenopsis Orchids inside the house or office. There is no wonder if we say that these special live orchids inside your house will give your home a garden ambiance.

Orchids at florist in singapore
Orchids are a symbol of love and perfection. However, the color of flower has various meanings and people generally choose the color of flowers based on the situation, season or expression. Just like the white is the color of sweet innocence, symbolizing reverence and humility while Pink symbolizes femininity, grace and gentility and Purple, the color of royalty, connotes dignity, respect and admiration. Buy Live Orchids in Singapore

Orchids are available in various colors – Pink, Purple, White etc., which lets you choose the best color. Likewise, you may also choose the live plant with your favorite colored flowers. Make your home of office not just beautiful but also meaningful

Florist in Singapore also carefully selects the flower pots that are very unique and impressive – very much suitable for the color of your choice of flowers. Have a quick look at a few Live Orchids in Singapore and choose the best suitable for you.

Orchid Flower Bouquets in Singapore | Florist in Singapore

Orchids often symbolize love and happiness. Orchids are representatives of perfection, so it is no wonder that they are a popular choice for wedding flowers and bouquets. Likewise, they are also a great choice when you are planning to someone very special! To say someone has made a perfect choice or someone has got a perfect person in life; Orchids are a best choice without any doubt. Order Orchid Bouquet in Singapore now!

The beauty of almost all the orchid flowers double with the unique and impressive shape of the leaves that often grow side-by-side of the flowers. In fact, the leaves of the orchids in a few varieties look just like the flowers! The unique   appearance of this beautiful flowers are also available in various colors like white, yellow, orange, green, pink, purple and red.
Orchids can also be added with other flowers to make the Bouquets more impressive and personalized. In this you may also add the favorite color flowers of your loved ones like the roses, sunflowers or Gerbera based on the occasion.

Florist in Singapore

As you are seeing in the above image, we at the Florist in Singapore make many combinations of Orchids crafted differently for each season and occasion. You may consider giving orchids for any occasion. Florist in Singapore also let you custom your bouquets with add-ons and special arrangement requests.

Orchids are also a great choice to have as an interior decoration. Many people across globe love to have the orchids in their home garden or as table flowers. You may order live orchid plants at Florist in Singapore today and make your home naturally beautiful and great ambient.

Mothers Day Flowers in Singapore

‘Mother’ is a feeling that every one of us have enjoyed in life and still does. We celebrate Mothers Day, but mothers celebrate us! Every day of you is a celebration for your mother just because she love you! Whatever the kids do, the mother loves it! You gift her or not, she is going to love you forever. However, if you decide to surprise her and make the upcoming Mothers day a best day in her life, here is what we have for you! Collection of fresh flowers, carefully chosen from the garden, crafted with extra love and affection. We at Florist in Singapore are ready to take your orders of making special hampers with a personal touch. Customized & delivered on the same day!

To give your mother more reasons to love, choose your combination of flowers that are readily available on the special ‘Mothers day Flowers in Singapore’ page. All the hampers have a message and meaning. Here are a list of colors that you may choose in the flower bouquets.

flowers represent nature and a sense of renewal of health of energy. As a base color, they make a good addition to any floral arrangement but on their own look too dull and boring.

is a good choice for Mother’s Day. It’s a very feminine, subtle and homely color. Pink conveys joy, innocence, youthfulness and grace.

represents joy and happiness. The color yellow can often signal danger in the animal kingdom or ‘food here’ to the insects. It is a very exotic color.

like white represents femininity and elegance. This is partially because Lavender was the choice of flower that the wealthy used to scent themselves prior to the advent of modern-day plumbing and regular showers. Almost every woman loves this fragrance!

is considered a soothing color with its calming floral tones. Like the color white, blue flowers also represent purity. Don’t place blue and red colored flowers together unless they are both deep and striking shades.

flowers are associated with royalty and the wealthy. In days gone by, purple flowers were always reserved by florists strictly for their wealthier customers. The giving of purple flowers conveys the feelings of importance and wealth. Your mother, of course is the most wealthiest asses you’ve ever got in life.

flowers are heavily associated with passion and love. Although red flowers, usually in the form of roses, are commonly exchanged between intimate partners, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t appropriate for a Mom. Just look beyond their association and see red roses for what they really are, beautiful flowers.
Whatever color of flower you choose to give your Mom on Mother’s Day, what your mother cares is your love, she will appreciate them. Just spare some thought to the color and type of flower and watch the smile on her face as she receives them….

Mothers Day Flowers

Happy Mother’s day in advance.


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